Living on the Edge: Dovi’s Story

Dovi Woollens has lived along the coast of Baguida, Togo for her entire life. She makes her living from the sea, by selling fish and seafood in her local community. In recent years, Dovi has struggled to make ends meet because fish are no longer as plentiful, and it’s harder to have a good catch. All along the coast of West Africa, fishermen and women like Dovi face similar threats to their livelihood. They are on the frontlines of climate change, coastal erosion and pollution.

Makhtar Diop: Preserving and Protecting the Blue Economy

World Bank Africa Region Vice President, Makhtar Diop, conveys his regret for his absence at the Blue Economy Conference in Mauritius and discusses the importance of this opportunity for delegates and African leaders to discuss the significance of ocean preservation including the importance of building resilience to sea level rise, biodiversity and the ocean economy.

Professor Ove Hoegh-Guldberg: The Dire Threat of Climate Change

Climate Change and Ocean Systems specialist, Professor Ove Hoegh-Gulderg, conveys his regret for being unable to attend the Blue Economy Conference in Mauritius. He emphasizes the important of urgent global action on climate change and ocean conservation to prevent a disastrous loss of ocean habit that will have very damaging consequences to people and the environment. The ocean is essential for life on earth, and supports millions of species and billions of people.

Discours de Jamal Saghir, de la Banque mondiale à la conférence sur l’économie bleue à Maurice

Discours de M. Jamal Saghir, Conseiller régional principal pour la région Afrique de la Banque mondiale à l’ouverture de la conférence ministérielle sur l’économie bleue et la changement climatique à Maurice.

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